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dasm is a command-line Java application written by David Knight. It is a basic assembler for DLX assembly, taking in .dls source code and outputting .dlx executables. It is also capable of outputting relocatable .dlo object files.

System requirements

As with all the DLX tools, the Java runtime environment is required.


As this program has no graphical interface, you need to use it from the command line. In windows, open a command prompt and use cd to navigate to the folder that has dasm.jar in it.

The syntax of the program is:

java -jar dasm.jar [source file] [-l] [-a/-r] 


Source file

This is the filename of a .dls source code file that you've saved from your text editor.


If included, this will generate an output of the symbol table, memory allocation, etc of your assembled program. This quickly becomes useless for our purposes, because embedding graphics data makes the output very long.


You must include either -a or -r in the command.

Absolute assembly. This will output a .dlx file, ready to execute. You can not use this option if you have ever used the .seg assembler directive in your source code.
Relocatable assembly. This will output a .dlo file, which cannot be executed by itself. You will have to relocate this file using dloc.jar. You are required to use this option if you have used .seg in your program anywhere.