Random Access Memory

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RAM is volatile memory within the VO-EM device. It can be written to and read from at any time. Data stored in RAM is lost when the device resets or is closed.

The VO-EM has two RAM banks - a smaller one immediately after cartridge memory, and a larger one after the GPU.

Caution: If you try to write initial values to RAM when programming, for example like:

.seg ram
myvar .word 16#35

This will fail when you try to build your cartridge, as the RAM is located outside of cartridge memory. Please use the following method instead:

           .seg    ram
myvar      .space  4
           .seg    bank0
startvar .word 16#35
varloader lw r1,startvar
sw myvar-RAM(r2),r1

(For more information on using offsets with the DLX assembler, check the Assembly portal).